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Welcome to Pink Arts!

Icons and wallpapers are for personal use ONLY. This means, you may save them on to your computer and use them. Icons themselves may be credited to either this journal or my real journal in the description. If you wish to feature anything on your website, PLEASE contact me at my email (given in the user information). Please comment when you take anything ^^ It lets me know that people are using them.


If you have any requests, leave a comment here or email me. Make sure you give me the images ^_^ and outline what you would like on the icons (colours, text, etc).

Unless specified, all the images used for icons and wallpapers AREN'T mine. They belong to their respective owner(s).

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28 Icon Melange!

I require more inspiration. I was going to do the complete tarot deck, but I wanted to find a nicer deck to icon.

[5] Misc
[5] Tarot Cards
[4] Animals
[2] Asia Argento
[3] Dexter
[3] Final Fantasy 4 (Amano)
[2] Victoria Frances
[5] Fashion


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50 Tiger Bases!

Most of these tigers are Siberians, though the only real difference between them and the other mainland tigers is the length of their fur. Majestic creatures, they are! No need to credit if you make an icon out of them, but please comment so I'll know they are being used.


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Icon and resource update post, including icons made from Joel-Peter Witkin's work. I didn't do a lot to the pictures, as anything more would've spoilt it.

[11] Joel-Peter Witkin icons
[4] Fashion
[4] Misc


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Also made two texture sets, both from my own stock photos. Feel free to use them to make other resources.


Concrete Entropy

And Pop Charm!Collapse )

Icons and Textures... Lots!

[17] Art Icons
[3] 100x100 Textures


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More under the cut!
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4 100x100 Textures

More sets. I just hope they're useable! Just click on the image to download.

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3 Texture Sets - Crimson Tide

I originally did these for colorfilter's contest, but I missed out on the submission date due to RL. Here they are, in complete form!

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History Icon Post 1

Mostly Catwoman icons from Batman Returns. Some were too good to touch. Others I ran out of ideas.

Special thanks to youdodoodletoo for the excellent caps.


I am Catwoman... Hear me roar. Miaow.Collapse )